Making your website a business magnet

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Our experience with various clients has shown that their knowledge about web design and functionality is on the lower side. That is understandable, since if they had an IT background they would have done it themselves. However, all web based businesses and even general ones require holistic web design experts that can deliver them a customized money earning oriented website.

Making your website a business magnet

Is your customer satisfied?

The components for making a good website have been talked about in earlier posts. In this post, we are focusing on the end product. How to transform a good web design into money? The first and foremost principle that we know is that all websites can earn money. It is entirely focused on your vision as to what extent do you want to expand. We have numerous examples of business shifting from conventional type to e-commerce based businesses. It has worked so well for them that they have generated profits at least four fold more than what they were earning earlier.

If you own a business, and hire web design team to make it online, you have to realize that your interaction is important. Like a CEO managing affairs of the company, it is imperative that special emphasis be placed on the profit oriented nature of your website. Many people make website just as a formality, without realizing that it is their global access to literally millions of potential customers. It is the kind of out-of-box thinking that can revitalize any business.

Since the dot com bubble crashed, the money earning capacity of web businesses was questioned. But now, with the enormous success of blogs and social networking sites, there is an e-business paradigm shift. Online marketing is cheaper than it ever was before. And with a billion more people connected to the internet than there were five years ago, that is an increase in your potential market. The bottom line here is that as the owner of a business, you should place special emphasis on how the website does.

Many companies pay huge sum of money on an annual basis for different business analysts for summarizing their competition and how people respond to their product/service. Do you know that now you can have reputation management and business analysis online? It is truly phenomenal and excessively cheap. Just by having a page on social networking site, you can have active and efficient communication with your clients and customers. You get feedback for free against the sum of money that you pay to business analysts for research. Many of you would understand what we are getting at by reading this post. This is no rocket science, just pure application and developing a sound online marketing strategy.

In our work at The Coeus Squad, we have seen clients with a diverse array of business portfolio. Web design is no child’s play when it comes to changing your website into a money magnet. While many companies assure you of millions of profits, we prefer to give you the real picture. Online marketing is slow but sure. It all depends on what you are selling; and sometimes the profit comes quicker than predicted.

We have also tried “cooperative” formulas where previous competitors were encouraged to do online business together. This resulted in better profits for both of them. The thing is that in the virtual world, augmentation works much better than it does in the real world. If one party supports the other, they get the same support in return.

It is significant to note that online tools work only if your product is of good quality. As we have talked about reputation management in earlier post, be wary of that. If your product/service is substandard, your users may post negative reviews about it. In this case, your online presence would backfire on you. So before you go out working on your online marketing strategy, make sure that your product/service is sound.

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