Search Engine Optimization and your business

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Search engine optimization services india

Search engine optimization services

In our previous posts, we have used the term ‘search engine optimization’ with the promise that would explain it in a separate post. Well, here it is then. This demanded a whole separate post since many of the online marketing designs that we made for our clients begin from search engine optimization. As we have hinted earlier, by search engine optimization, the meaning is that your website is engineered in such a manner that it gets a better ranking in the search engine search results. For instance, if you are selling vintage cars, then you would want that when a person searches for the terms “buying vintage cars”, your website would turn up. This is a complicated process in which people also resort to malpractices referred to as “black hat SEO”.

In this post, we would take a shot at how search engine optimization strengthens your website traffic and hence, your business takes a positive transformation as well.

  • The first and foremost benefit that you are going to get from search engine optimization is that your traffic or hit rate would increase dramatically. Imagine if people are searching for what you sell, and your website pops up in the first five results. Researches have shown that people generally click on websites within the top 2 or 1 pages of search engine results. If you are within that range, you hit rate increases exponentially. The implied meaning here is that more traffic would be directed to your site. If you have done your homework regarding the tools that we have talked in earlier posts, then people are bound to use your service/product as well.
  • On a second level, your sales improve due to search engine optimization as well. If you run a complete online business, and instead of 100, 1000 people are visiting your websites, your sales will rise. It is simple math. Another thing that we have hinted earlier is that it is not about having the best graphics on your website. It is about how effective your search engine scheme works. Sales would increase when people visit your website. If you have the greatest flash based website, and people don’t know about it, it doesn’t really matter.
  • The good thing about search engine optimization is that it is cheap. By spending a small amount of money, you get a very high return. We have been talking a lot about integrated practices when it comes to web design. Search engine optimization is related to web design, and we offer our clients a complete package at the Coeus squad.
  • One of the main things that help any business sustain is reputation management. It is one of the fundamental important things that should never be neglected. In case of online reputation management, you would need good reviews about your products and also a consistent page rank (your ranking in search engine results). Through search engine optimization, your reputation is strengthened because your site is constantly popping up in search engine results. People may also search for reviews regarding your product, so it is important that they be also linked with your website. People that read good review are convinced more about using your product/service.

This all being said, one of the main things is that all of the stuff that we have talked about is interconnected. Like the post on social media marketing is connected to search engine optimization, SEO is a broadly defined term that includes any tools and methods that cause your website to do well with search engines. As to how this is done, we may write a separate post on that. But on a summary level, Search Engine Optimization involves generating content relevant to the products that you are selling and exhibiting your website for the keywords that your buyers search. When a search engine ranks your page, it takes a look at how much content relevant to what you sell is present. Other tools include coding, backlinks and social media marketing as well. The takeaway message is that without SEO, you may have a hard time attract visitors.

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