Graphics Designing

Graphic Design

At The Coeus, we believe in offering you a complete package and not just a mere website. While on one hand, we design your website for ideal search engine optimization, on the other, we strengthen the graphics as well. The designs can be as per your liking or you can try the default ones.

Our graphics team at The Coeus is second to none in terms of capability and has the ability to design graphics for you. There are different services that we provide.

Business Image Development

When it comes to any business, having a unique and likeable identity is of utmost importance. People related to you by the strength of your brand and the image it carries. We do our utmost to design what makes you different from other and makes your website stand out. Our graphics team is well equipped with sufficient business knowledge to bring the unique reputation that your brand needs.

  1. Unique logo design
  2. Stationary and Brochure Design
  3. Social Media Designs
  4. Magazine Covers and Newsletters
  5. Other Designs

Unique logo design

This service is in extension with the one that has been mentioned earlier. A unique logo means that your website would have a singularity that other sites don’t. We design your logo in such a way that it relates to your brand and the kind of image of your company that you want to sell. The team here at The Coeus is professional in its approach and gives you the most accurate depiction of your company in the logo that you require in the corporate world.

Stationary and Brochure Design

As far as your corporate communication is concerned, we shall provide you a unique brochure design and stationary as well. A graphically appealing brochure design is important since it is the message that you are sending out to your potential customers. We believe in finding the right mix in ideal content matched with the ideal graphics. The Coeus Squad doesn’t compromise one factor for the other. The intention here is brand promotion and product conditioning by cognitively appealing brochures.

Social Media Designs

Social Media Marketing is very important for your business, and for this reason, The Coeus has a dedicated team for your Facebook fan page designs. We design pages with the appropriate imagery and help you promote it in the relevant audience. This is significant since social media is a common mode of communication, even business wise. So, of course, you would want your product or service to be talked about in the social media cloud as well. People would visit your page if it is likeable, and we’ll make sure that you get the most out of it.

Magazine Covers and Newsletters

When it comes to promotion, The Coeus team leaves no option left. Latest marketing promotions include magazine and newsletters related to your product. We also design effective marketing covers and templates for newsletters. Both are designed in a manner that the graphics are visually appealing, but not so dazzling as to destroy the text quotient.

Other Designs

In addition to this, The Coeus would provide you the following designs:

  • Sales Copy
  • Squeeze Page
  • Banner
  • Business Card

These designs are part of your day to day activity and would be created in lieu of the other graphics made for your company. One of the main marketing strategies in your business is that all your corporate graphics and related items like those mentioned above should have uniformity in design. This is why we offer all these services so that you get a uniformly unique experience that is able to transcend into the mind of the customer.

As you can see above, we offer you a wide array of services when it comes to graphics designing. We maintain a strong balance between the visual impact and the kind of promotion that you are brand needs. Our rates are nominal and it would be worth it if you use services in the form of a package. If you have any query, feel free to leave an e-mail.


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