Social Media Marketing: Real Facts

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If you run an online business, you may have heard the wonders of social media marketing. In this post, we briefly explain the main context of social media marketing and then move on to its real applications. The real bit is important since have unreal expectation in a business has dire consequences.

Social Media Marketing: Real Facts

Social Media Marketing: Real Facts

Social media marketing has taken a real foundation in principles of online marketing during the last five years or so. Specifically, with the success of Twitter and Facebook, social networking websites are the most visited ones on a daily basis. So this daily traffic that visits social networking sites is a resource waiting to be tapped for the success of your business. The good thing about is that they are not hard to use as other similar websites, hence a large traffic is sustained. So Twitter and Facebook are better off in social media marketing than sites liked LinkedIn and Tumbler.

Now with the intro portion been done, we come to the “facts”. The main emphasis of any online business is to have a high traffic and that usually translates to more people using your service or buying your product. The usage of social media marketing can be in the form of:

  • Customer Feedback: At Coeus, this is one of the main advantages in social media marketing. The reason is that at social network you have a real set of people who want to exercise their right to opinion. So, via interacting with them on social networks, your business gets strengthened without having the need to hire business analysts for high fees. Through the feedback, customer expectations can be noted in real time; and also on how you can sell them better. More than 1 billion people are on social networks, and even if a fraction of them are using your product/service, your cash flows are massively positive.
  • Spreading your name: Gone are the days when people had to resort to banner, flyers, wall paintings and what not for spreading their name. Now all you need is a presence on a social network and you are able to make an international promotion. This is the real portion of social media marketing. The number of likes and retweets about your business means that your name is spreading far and wide. But over here, we need to enlighten you about something. Having massive likes on your page doesn’t mean that all of these 10,000 or whatever number of people who like your page would buy your product. What you need is an effective presence rather than a mere presence. By effective presence, we are referring to have active people on your page. This is achieved through being connected with people and pages that are relevant to what you do. Certain items are easy to sell, but using social media marketing, it is easy to sell literally anything.
  • Market Influence: If you have more activity on your page and your competitor doesn’t, then you are able to exert market influence on him/her without spending a single penny. This leads to the explanation of a very simple fact: the results of social media marketing are slow. If you are patient, then a lot of good things can happen for your business over a long period of time. The principles of market influence are different in case social media marketing than they are in the case of conventional marketing. In the social media world, the marketing formula should be highly interactive and dynamic. You can’t be rigid in the social media industry. You have to learn to take negative criticism in order for your business to flourish.

With the main crux being explained, one should know that while social media marketing is a great tool, its business potential takes time to actualize. In our earlier posts, we have talked about the importance of having an integrated web design company for your business. The reason is that an integrated company also provides you with social media marketing services, like we do at Coeus.

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